Zoning Recodification Working Group - Nov 1st, 2017

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Outreach. We look over and discuss the text of an outreach letter to town meeting members. The group suggests several revisions. The letter should contain a link to ZRWG documents (which are hosted on the town website). The letter should have an introduction, stating who the ZRWG is, and what we're trying to do. Letters sent via postal mail should include a SASE for responses.

When should the letter go out? We'll shoot for Monday Nov 6th, and allow one week for responses.

Illustrations. We run through a list of illustrations we'd like to include in the recodified ZBL: building height, setback lines, finished grade, types of signs, definition of half story, lot types and lot lines. Christian suggested several others, based on issues that have come up with the ZBA.

Illustrations should be large enough to read, and the simpler the better. We also need to state that the ZBL text takes precedence over anything in the illustrations. Illustrations should be placed as close to the accompanying text as possible -- for a definition, the illustration should appear in the definitions section. If an illustration applies to a particular section of the ZBL, it should appear in that section.

Marshall suggests looking at 521 CMR for examples of illustrations.

Rules and Regulations. RKG will to deliver a proposal of regulations to be adopted by relevant boards. We're not sure when they will be able to deliver this document.

The third reading draft should be ready by Nov 10th. It will incorporate all changes received to date. A copy of the comment matrix (with responses) should be coming around that time. We should be prepared for the need to make amendments to the third reading draft.

The special town meeting will not be held in January. The second week of February (around Feb 12th) is looking like a better option. The ARB's public hearing on recodification will likely be in January (as opposed to Dec. 11th).

We expect RKG to prepare an index detailing when ZBL amendments were made (in the current ZBL, these dates are inlined in each section).

DPCD staff is working on determining the overlap between the town wetlands bylaw and conservation commission regulations, and the current ZBL.

Several ZRWG members have ties to local groups. They agree to talk to these groups about the recodification.

Should we do a segment on ACMI? Jenny has done interviews in the past. Another segment/interview wouldn't hurt.