Zoning Recodification Working Group - Jul 6th, 2017

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We begin by discussing table exercises: should we have discussions, or try to beta-test the second recodification draft? Should we have two types of table exercises, to accommodate people who've never looked at the ZBL vs. people who are familiar with it? We decide to stick with discussions. Perhaps we'll try beta testing at the next public forum.

We discuss how to communicate what we're trying to do now, vs what we'd like to do later (i.e., policy-related changes will come later).

September 18th is the proposed date for the first ARB hearing on the recodification.

Table facilitators should try to open up the conversation and get people talking. Don't feel obliged to field technical questions: Mike Byrne and possibly Rick Vallorelli will be available to answer them.

The second reading draft will be distributed as soon as we get it. Probably in the next couple of days.

For Signs, we intend to take out sections that are no longer legal (according to case law). The long-term goal is to move all of the sign legislation into the general bylaws. We're still working out details with town counsel.

We move to a more specific discussion about table exercises.

Assume the exercises will last 45 minutes. Each table will have one facilitator and one note taker. Ask people to introduce themselves, and talk about their experiences with the ZBL. These can be first- or second-hand experiences. Each table will have a copy of the current ZBL and the second reading draft (for comparison). Ask people what would make the ZBL more Isabel. Note takers should record policy-related issues, so we have them for later. During table reports, try to highlight three (or so) issues that came up during the discussions. Each table will have approximately five minutes to report.

The opening presentation will include an overall timeline for recodification, including future public meetings.