Zoning Recodification Working Group - Jan 3rd, 2018

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The group approved minutes from our last meeting.

Illustrations. We'll need several changes to the RKG drawings. The disclaimer text, title, and subtitle have to be embedded directly in the images. Steve will draft a list of changes and send to Jenny.

A few minor changes were recommended for the ZRWG-authored illustrations. Steve will make these changes.

Illustrations will be presented in a separate packet at the ARB meeting. While the illustrations are not part of the ZBL, the ARB should have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Public Hearing, Outreach. At the ARB hearing, Jenny will give an outline of the recodification process, along with explaining the goals we were trying to achieve. This will consume the first few minutes of the hearing. Afterwards, people will be able to provide comments and ask questions. The ARB's role will be to absorb public input.

Neighborhood Meetings. We assemble a list of who can attend each of the four neighborhood meetings. Jenny will work on a powerpoint presentation, and send to the group for feedback.

Town Counsel has written a memo to the ARB and town manager, regarding the recodification. We may ask him to comment specifically on changes made for legal compliance.