Zoning Recodification Working Group - Jan 12th, 2018

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Two members of the Citizens Group came to this morning's ZRWG meeting: Wynelle Evans and Paul Parisi. We sat down for two hours and went through the entire list of citizen comments. This was very good of them, and I personally appreciated their feedback.

The typos in the table of uses and table of dimensional and density regulations are just that: typos. We did not intend to change these beyond what was necessary for compliance with the Dover Amendment. Anything else is a mistake, and we should just correct it.

The citizens group found several sections that were accidentally omitted, and we agreed they should be restored. Some things that were flagged as missing were actually re-located. For example, parts of the section on nonconformities use were moved around, to separate things that dealt with non-conforming uses from things that dealt with non-conforming structures.

Overall, it felt like a very productive meeting, and we got a lot done.

During the meeting, Christian Klein mentioned that the case Bransford vs. Edgartown affects section 6.06 of the current ZBL. Information about the case appears in http://masscases.com/cases/sjc/444/444mass852.html and https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2005/08/25/state-high-court-upholds-edgartown.

Wynelle and Paul left after the comment review, and the working group discussed some additional items.

The first two neighborhood meetings have been canceled. These meetings would precede the Jan 22nd ARB meeting. The other two neighborhood meetings are still on.

On Jan 22nd, the ARB will either vote the recodification for special town meeting, or vote it for regular town meeting. If they chose regular town meeting, the ARB will re-hear the recodification on March 19th.