Zoning Recodification Working Group - Dec 6th, 2017

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We approved minutes from the Nov 17th meeting, with amendments.

The ARB discussed the proposed zoning warrant article during their last meeting. Item three was split for clarity, and the section headings were changed to match the text of the hearing draft. The article contains a link to where the recodification documents appear on the town website. It's a long URL. We should use a URL shortener for the final version of the warrant article.

The warrant article will appear in the Advocate in December.

We discussed Bob Ritchie's comments to section 1.4 (Bob works for RKG). Nancy felt his wording didn't make sense. DPCD will contact Bob directly for clarification.

DPCD received an unfootnoted draft this morning. Laura will send this to the committee later today. Final corrections should be based on the (unfootnoted) version that Laura sends out.

We discuss the diagram for basements and cellars, and the corresponding definitions. Our definitions don't cover the case where B = A/2. We'll leave this as-is for now.

The drawing group will discuss placement of illustrations within the bylaw. We need to determine where Steve's diagrams will go. We also need to figure out what to do with RKG's height buffer illustration. The group should provide their decisions to Laura by Monday.

We discuss outreach materials, specifically, what materials should be available for the ARB hearing, and which documents need to be updated. The Guide will need updating. Committee members should review their sections for accuracy, and send updates to Laura.

We're planning another outreach letter to town meeting members. Jenny has an ACMi interview on Dec 11th, and we'll do another press release in the advocate.

David states that a number of people really want to know what changes were made for compliance with state law (e.g., the Dover amendment). Perhaps these changes could be collected into a separate document. Alternatively, we could highlight these changes within existing documents.

David and Steve summarize what was said at the ARB meeting, with respect to the zoning recodification article. The ARB discussed the merit of doing a redline, but deferred to the zoning recodification working working. Cathy, Christian, Nancy, David and Steve are interested in working on a redline. They'll coordinate amongst themselves.

The guide needs to be updated by the beginning of next week. Laura will send a word copy, so committee members can make redline corrections.

The definitions guide may need to be updated. (The current definitions guide anticipates a third reading draft.)

Some town meeting members have asked for a short summary document -- a page or two. We provided a similar document for the July public meeting, and may be able to use this as a starting point.