Zoning Bylaw Working Group - Oct 2nd, 2019

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Meeting Minutes. The group approved minutes from Aug 7th and Sep 19th.

Consultant Selection. Based on the rating worksheets, RKG came out on top, followed by Horsley-Witten and Community Opportunities Group. VHB and Barrett Planning Group made up the third tier.

John Worden went off on a tirade about the 2018 zoning recodification and the Zoning Recodification Working Group. Steve Revilak was having none of this. Mr. Revilak and Mr. Worden spent a few minute giving each other a piece of their minds.

Returning to the agenda, the group discussed using RKG for the project. We may need further negotiations on schedule and when the various deliverables are due. RKG's proposal didn't include public engagement activities, but our RFP primarily asked for a study.

Charlie Kalauskas has worked with RKG on a number of projects, and his experience has been good. David Watson felt that the Barrett staff was very junior.

The group decided to award the contract to RKG. I had to leave before the final decision was made. RKG was my top choice. I like the idea of interviewing two firms, but the point spread on the rating forms made this difficult to justify.