Zoning Bylaw Working Group - Jan 2nd, 2019

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language for a series of zoning amendments. We reviewed and discussed the amendments.

Articles A and B would change the sign regulations in the zoning bylaw, and in the town bylaws. All of the sign bylaws would be moved into the ZBL, with the exception of the Select Board's authority to permit temporary signs.

Articles C and D would strike or substantially revise the ZBL sections for the floodplain and inland wetlands districts. This is largely work that was deferred from last year's zoning recodification. The goal is to remove redundancies with the conservation commission's jurisdiction. The conservation commission will discuss this tomorrow night. A few elements will remain in the ZBL; enough to make applicants aware of the conservation commission's jurisdiction.

Article E is a clarification related to the Dover amendment. Religious and educational uses are exempt from special permits (for use), but they are still subject to dimensional and density requirements. There would be some codification of an administrative review process that town counsel prepared for inspectional services.

Article F deals with bicycle parking standards. Bicycle parking requirements would be decoupled from automobile parking requirements. The new standards would be consistent with what the ARB has been requiring during EDR. The warrant article would not include bicycle parking guidelines; those guidelines would come from the ARB.

Article G--Q deal with multi-family housing.

Article G would change dimensional and density requirements for multi-family housing in the R4--R7 districts.

Article H would change dimensional and density regulations for mixed-use.

Article I would allow up to six-unit dwellings by right in the R5--R7 districts.

Article J would amend open space requirements for mixed use and townhouses.

Article K would make changes relating to townhouse structures.

Article M would change upper-story step-back requirements.

Article N would reduce height buffer regulations, depending on building orientation.

Article O would change requirements for corner lots in the R4--R7 districts.

Article Q would make parking reductions applicable to the R7 districts. This is another change that was deferred from zoning recodification.

Article S would permit accessory dwelling units in the R0 and R1 districts.

The group had a short discussion about the December 12th meeting minutes. A working group member asked if we should regulate sandwich board signs. Sandwich board signs will be covered by the proposed bylaw amendments.