Zoning Board of Appeals - May 16th, 2017

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There was one item on tonight's ZBA agenda: Docket #3528, 28 Spring Street. The proponents are seeking a special permit under section 6.08, large additions.

The house is in the R1 zone. It was built in 1880 and is non-conforming in several aspects. The addition would add two bedrooms and expand the kitchen, creating a 1,587 square foot increase in gross floor area.

The lot is previously non-conforming because it lacks the required number of parking spaces. The addition will not reduce the number of parking spaces available, nor will it shorten the existing driveway, or change the existing curb cut.

The addition will be built into a large side yard. There will still be a 40'+ side yard after the addition is built. The large side yard provides enough usable open space to accomodate the additional GFA.

ZBA grants the special permit, provided that the final plans clearly designate the driveway and parking spaces.