Zoning Board of Appeals - Jul 14th, 2020

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Docket 3515, Thorndike Place. Tonight was the scheduled continuation for Arlington Land Realty LLC's comprehensive permit hearing for Thorndike Place.

Arlington hired an engineering firm called the BETA group to perform peer review on the project plans. BETA hasn't finished their review yet, and the parties have mutually agreed to continue the hearing to August 11th. This is intended to allow BETA to complete their peer review, and the ZBA time to evaluate it.

Chair Christian Klein reads a letter from Stephanie Kiefer, Arlington Land Realty's attorney.

Pat Hanlon thinks the attorney's letter gives an impression that the hearing will be wrapped up in one evening. He feel's we're not likely to conclude in one evening, and wishes to set public expectations to that effect.

There are no comments from the public.

Unanimous vote in favor of continuing the hearing to August 11th.

Approval of Minutes. The board reviews minutes from June 23rd. Kevin Mills suggests two corrections, and Steve Revilak suggests two more.

Minutes adopted by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned.