Zoning Board of Appeals - Jul 13th, 2021

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Meeting held via remote participation. Materials were available from https://arlington.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/DisplayAgendaPDF.ashx?MeetingID=1374.

Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit

(Christian Klein, ZBA Chair) Mr. Klein outlines a proposed schedule for future hearings on Thorndike Place. The current plan is to continue the hearing to August 3rd, discuss the draft decision on August 9th, and close the public hearing on September 17th. The draft decision should be released to the public on September 2nd.

If the board needs more time, we can continue the hearing to September 14th.

Once the public hearing is closed, the board has 40 days to discuss and finalize the decision.

The board votes to extend the public hearing period to September 17th.

The board votes to continue the hearing until August 3rd at 7:30pm.

Approval of Decisions

The board votes to approve decisions for Docket 3659 - 55 Sutherland Ave and Docket 3660 - 10 Sunnyside Ave.

Upcoming Meetings

The boards upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • July 19th. 1165R Mass Ave Hearing
  • July 23rd. Close of 1165R Mass Ave Hearing
  • Aug 3rd. Thorndike Place hearing.
  • Sep 9th. Thorndike Place hearing.
  • Sep 14th. Ordinary special permit hearings.
  • Sep 17th. Schedule close of Thorndike Place public hearing.

Meeting adjourned.