Zoning Board of Appeals - Aug 11th, 2020

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Meeting held via video-conference.

Docket 3515, Thorndike Place. About a week and a half ago, Arlington's peer-review engineering firm (BETA) completed their assessment of the Thorndike place plans. The petitioner has requested a continuance, to provide time to review and respond to BETA's assessment. The hearing would be continued to August 25th.

Unanimous vote in favor of continuing.

Docket 3622, 46--48 Park Ave. Continued hearing. The petitioner seeks a special permit to install a second driveway.

The petitioner worked with John's Landscaping to develop plans for the proposed driveway. They've submitted two plans. Plan #1 has a vegetated buffer behind a retention all; plan #2 has a vegetated buffer in front of the retention wall. The petitioners would prefer the latter plan (vegetated buffer in front of the retaining wall).

The second driveway will require a curb cut. Petitioners will have to seek a curb cut permit from the town's engineering department.

There's discussion about an existing retaining wall, which runs alongside where the second driveway is proposed. Aaron Ford states that the retaining wall might be compromised by installation of the new driveway; it depends on how far down it goes, and you really won't know until you start digging. The existing retaining wall may have to be reconstructed or reinforced. The abutter who owns the retaining wall is present; he understands this, and is willing to work with the petitioner.

The abutters on the opposite side (50 Park Ave) are present. They feel that the existing shared driveway makes it dangerous to back out on to Park Ave, and they support the proposed second driveway.

Permit approved 5--0 (with conditions).

Approval of Minutes from July 14th. The board approves minutes from their July 14th meeting.

Approval of Decisions. The board approves written decisions for Docket 3623 (37 Fairmont St), Docket 3624 (400--402 Mass Ave), Docket 3626 (66--68 Palmer St), and Docket 3627 (73 Freeman St).