Surveillance Cameras in Precinct 1

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Map of Surveillance Cameras in precinct 1. This map shows the locations of 27 24 surveillance cameras in a two-block area of East Arlington (each point on the map represents between one and four physical cameras). There are two cameras on the eastern side of Sunnyside Ave; thirteen cameras in the block bordered by Gardner St, Memorial Way, and Sunnside Ave; and twelve eleven more in Menotomy Manor, a public housing development bordered by North Union, Fremont, and Gardner streets. These cameras are operated by the Arlington Housing Authority.

The Arlington Housing Authority removed the two cameras on the eastern side of Sunnyside Ave, on Jan 19th, 2017.

The Arlington Housing Authority removed one camera from the Western side of Gardner Street on or around Feb 23, 2017.


Cameras on Sunnyside Ave. These pictures show a pair that used to be in front of 115 Sunnside ave, across the street from Housing Authority Property. After negotiations with the Housing Authority, the cameras were removed on Jan 19th, 2017.



Cameras in public housing, near Sunnyside, Gardner, and Memorial Way.


Camera near the corner of Gardner St. and Memorial Way.