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Jan 6th, 2015

Tonight, Kendra demonstrated OwnCloud.

Owncloud is web-based server software, and provides features reminiscent of Google docs. You can run OwnCloud on a personal server, a computer at work, a computer within your school department, and so fourth. There are also service providers that will host OwnCloud for you.

Document storage is own cloud's most obvious feature. Through the magic of WebDAV, you can upload (and download) files with a web browser, simply by dragging and dropping.

OpenDocument (aka LibreOffice) documents can be directly viewed and edited in OwnCloud.

Owncloud also has functions for storing pictures, contacts, and a calendar.

Anything stored in OwnCloud can be shared. You can share things

  • with another OwnCloud user (on the same system)
  • with a group of users (on the same system)
  • with anyone, via link

Sharing via link means you can share documents with people that aren't OwnCloud users. Links can be password protected, and you can have them expire after some set period of time. For example, here's a document I've shared. This link should remain valid until 2/1/2015.

There are client applications to synchronize files between OwnCloud and your computer or mobile device.

Overall, it's a pretty cool piece of software.