Information Technology Advisory Committee - Sep 19th, 2019

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VoIP installation at the Ottoson involved some wiring challenges, but the job is now done. We still have to do the high school, which will involve its own set of challenges, due to the building and its many idiosyncrasies. Most administrative offices have modern wiring, but the classrooms do not. The three fire stations should be easy work; that work should start within the next few weeks.

526 students registered through online kindergarten registration.

We're still planning to do a 40-home pilot with the new water meters. Current plan is to put the collectors on the two water towers in town. The vendor claims we'll only need two collection points, as opposed to the five we currently have. The collection points should be installed during the next few weeks.

The Central School renovation has been delayed, largely due to the loss of our facilities director. The project architect assumed we could use the existing wiring, but that's not looking like a practical option. Every tenant installed their own wiring, and it's a bit of a rats nest. The project should start up again in February.

The town's continued rolling out the employee self-service module via Munis. It's been a big hit.

The RMV is planning a major software upgrade. This may impact our data exchange for parking ticket mark and clear.

Engineering meetings are in progress for fiber migration, as part of the AHS and DPW renovation projects.

Work on the training pilot program continues. The library has gotten permission from their board of directors to provide LinkedIn learning courses to town employees who are not town residents. This will cost around $7000, which is potentially a pretty good deal.

The In-Force 911 vendor claims to have addressed their shortcomings in Chromebook functionality. The IT department plans to test this by the end of the month.

This year's elementary school refresh involves the purchase of 1000 new chromebooks, and deploying older computing devices to the elementary schools.