Information Technology Advisory Committee - Nov 15th, 2018

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The town has started to meet with network engineers, regarding municipal fiber and the high school renovation. The high school is a DMARC point, meaning that we'll have to manage an infrastructure move. Ideally, we want to minimize the number of times that the network infrastructure is moved, as each move creates an opportunity for service disruption.

The Hardy School addition is coming along. Network switches are likely to go in over Thanksgiving, and audio visual equipment will be installed in December.

The town's social media policy efforts are on hold, but the school district's are moving forward. The general thinking is that principals should be charged with overseeing social media accounts for their individual schools. Mr. Good plans to distribute a copy of the current school policy draft, so we can discuss it at the next ITAC meeting.

The IT department just finished adding a parking module to Munis. Parking ticket data is being processed in parallel -- once in Munis and once in ICS. We should be able to make a clean cut-over in a couple of days.

Water and sewer billing is still done out of ICS, and migration is proving to be a challenge. In a few weeks, the town will meet with consultants to go over billing system RFPs.

The town is working on plans for a series of network disaster recovery failover tests.

Powerschool is getting an upgrade. We have the new version up and running on a test server.

VoIP will be rolled out to several more schools, over the December holidays.

The town is developing standards for door security systems, surveillance cameras, and intrusion detection systems. One day, it would be nice to have a uniform set of systems in place, particularly in the schools.

Health and Human Services has started to use Novus Agenda to manage meeting agendas, materials, and minutes. Several other groups also use Novus Agenda, like the Select Board, School Committee, and Redevelopment Board. It's become a town standard.