Information Technology Advisory Committee - May 17th, 2018

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Ticket systems. The school and town IT departments are now using the same ticket system. This provides some nice reporting capabilities, in terms of number of tickets opened, types of tickets opened, amount of time the ticket stayed open, and so forth.

MCAS. The state recommends 1GB of bandwidth per 1,000 students taking the MCAS. The town just upgraded school bandwidth from 2GB to 4GB.

School wireless. The school district's wireless network accepts approximately 10,000 connections per day. Many students acquire two connections per day -- one for a school iPad, and one for their mobile phone.

Gibbs renovations are moving along swimmingly.

Security Cameras. The town is standardizing on specific models of surveillance cameras for use in town buildings. The high school has approximately 25 surveillance cameras. The Gibbs will have about 60 cameras, when the renovation is complete.

Water Meters. The town is looking at a new Munis module for water billing. The new Munis module may have some water meter management facilities.

ICS. ICS is still used for a few things: water billing, and integrating parking ticket information into the state's DMV computer system (e.g., you can't renew a driver's license if you have an unpaid parking ticket).