Information Technology Advisory Committee - Jun 22nd, 2017

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Most of today's meeting focused on the IT strategic plan, and how we could improve it.

After reviewing the town's IT strategic plan, the IT department realized that there were some items they'd never get to. The strategic plan didn't include things like construction projects or infrastructure upgrades; these have been a significant part of the IT department workload. The strategic plan didn't include a process for addressing high priority projects that appear suddenly (e.g., due to regulatory change).

The strategic plan didn't accurately reflect the amount of work needed to upgrade ICS. ICS was one line item in the plan. There were many steps involved, each of which involved significant effort.

Do we want to adjust the priority of certain customer-facing systems? Electronic billpay, for example.

Many of the systems that the town has invested in require substantial monitoring. Energy management systems, for example.

Our first quarter real estate tax bills will come out of Munis. Excise tax bills will come out of Munis too. ICS is still handling water, sewer, and parking.

The town's water meter replacement project is ongoing.

Our next meeting will focus on how to proceed with strategic planning.

Firehouse is an IT system used by the fire department. Its functions include mapping, inventory, modeling hydrant capacity, and scheduling hydrant inspections.

A customizable system for inspections (board of health, and other departments) may make it on to the strategic plan. Likewise for a town-wide room reservation system.