Information Technology Advisory Committee - Jun 21st, 2018

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The town's ticketing system is providing good project management insight. In addition to handling work requests, the system provides information on resource management, and what projects are being worked on.

Invoice Cloud is a Munis module. The school district plans to use this for fee payments (athletic fees, etc).

Gibbs construction continues. Gibbs will be the first site set up under the town's new VoIP system. Network patch panels are in. Racks and wiring is going in. The Gibbs will get an intrusion detection system. It will also get a safe-connect system for BYOD management.

The VoIP system will have two core locations, which are in the process of being selected. The core locations should have access to at least two bandwidth providers, generator power, and be in an area that's not susceptible to flooding. Each core should have the ability to handle the entire VoIP load. Town IT is working with the Emergency Management Planning committee on location choices.

The town continues to work on its social media policy, but it's been a slow process. The challenge is having town control over accounts, with the ability to delegate access. For example, an employee who leaves the town should lose their ability to post to town social media accounts. This could become a big time sink for IT, if we can't find a way to delegate access control.

There's a suggestion to set up a camera, to take time lapse photos of the high school reconstruction.

The town is working on cleaning up the vendor list in Munis.

The town is looking into a parking module (for Munis). The module will work with Cardinal Ticket Trac (a system for managing and tracking parking tickets). We'd need to upgrade Cardinal Ticket Trac first. The Munis parking module will replace the one in ICS, and it will talk to the RMVs mark and clear system.

This year, third-graders will have to take MCAS examinations electronically, rather than on paper. The town will have to provide chromebooks for all of the third graders.

Residential water meter endpoints have started to have problems. Most of they time they emit readings. Sometimes the emit garbage. Sometimes they emit nothing at all. The town is working with the vendor to remediate these performance shortcomings. Water billing will likely be the last system to be migrated off ICS.

Online kindergarten registration continues. We have 576 registrations for the fall, and anticipate a few more over the summer.