Information Technology Advisory Committee - Dec 20th, 2018

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The Hardy school renovations are just about done. The fiber is in, and the IP phones should be installed in a few days. Overall, the job has gone smoothly.

The social media policy is still a work in progress. David Good will send a draft for ITAC members to review.

Q3 real estate tax bills were sent via Munis. The parking module is getting close to ready. Much of the parking data is being fed to Munis, and integration tests with the RMV have gone well.

The town has done some disaster recovery testing. Cutover to backup power/UPS went smoothly.

We're preparing for a Power School upgrade, probably in the next couple of weeks.

The VoIP rollout continues. The Hardy and Brackett schools will be done over the weekend. The Brackett school's phone system is over a quarter century old, so the upgrade there is welcome. VoIP installations will take place in some of the town's smaller departments.

We've narrowed our water meter search down to two vendors. There will probably be a period where the system uses equipment from two different vendors (due to faulty batteries in transmitter units).

The town is planning to phase in standard building security systems (e.g., key card/door access). We've been doing this as part of new school renovations, and now were starting to retrofit schools that were previously renovated.

The skating rink's video security system was upgraded to town standard equipment.

The town may consider implementing 311 services, similar to what Somerville has. This would be a future project.

The Arlington Center for the Arts has moved into the Senior center. Health and Human services will move to a different part of the building while the lower floor is renovated. The renovations will start in June or July, and include accessibility improvements for seniors.