Arlington Redevelopment Board - Nov 19th, 2018

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I attended tonight's ARB meeting for an EDR permit hearing at 10 Sunnyside Ave. 10 Sunnyside is a garage that was built in the 1920's, with a large parking lot to the side. When I moved into the area, it was the site of a body shop. Later, it became Alewife Automotive. Alewife Automotive was doing auto repairs there, without the special permit required for that use. The ZBA turned down Alewife Automotive's request for the use permit, and it looks like they're selling (or redeveloping) the property.

The proposed project would create a mixed use building with one retail space and 26 residential units (a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments). Four of these units would be affordable (presumably) according to Arlington's inclusionary zoning requirements.

The applicants requested a continuance earlier in the day, so it was a short meeting. Aside from myself, one other couple showed up for the 10 Sunnyside EDR hearing. Hearing will be continued to Dec 5th.

The remainder of the meeting consisted of (1) a review of the ARB's report to special town meeting, and (2) approval of meeting minutes.

Recreational marijuana is the centerpiece of the ARB's report to town meeting. Town counsel informed the ARB that they must permit at least two recreational sites; restricting the number of recreational establishments to a smaller number would require a public referendum. The number of licenses is influenced by several factors, including buffer zones and the number of licensed liquor stores in the town.

The ARB had a short discussion about prior minutes, suggested amendments, and approved them.