Arlington Redevelopment Board - Jul 23rd, 2018

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Rules and Regulations. The ARB discusses the current draft of their rules and regulations document. To date, no one outside of the ARB has submitted written comments on the draft rules. The draft was largely taken from the old ZBL. There are a few modifications, but not many.

The submittal schedule (rule 10(B)) required the most thought. The timetable has to allow sufficient time for board members to review documents. It also has to work with Novus agenda's submission schedule.

There's discussion on 10(D)(1), submissions. Kin Lau believes the ARB should have the option of not accepting submissions after the deadlines, in order to have adequate time for review. He'd like the language to be clear about submitting materials in a timely fashion.

There's discussion about Rule 13 (Application Timetables and Expiration), mostly around the use of passive vs active voice.

There's discussion on Rule 14(1), model submissions for EDR. David Watson asks if "model" could be changed to "rendering". Andy West considers a model to be a computer generated image, or a 3D rendering. Kin Lau has concerns about the computer-generated requirement; he feels that hand-drawn renderings are acceptable. Andy West thinks the board should have the option of requesting a physical model for projects of significant scope. Perhaps Rule 14 could have one section for physical models, and one section for rendering.

David Watson feels that the physical model should be optional, but images renderings should be required. Jenny Raitt suggests that the board may want to reserve the right to request other materials (beyond models and renderings).

There's discussion about what submittal materials should be mandatory, and what should be discretionary. Kin Lau would like the option to request material samples (e.g., bricks and siding). Jenny Raitt notes that the ARB has requested samples as part of their orders of conditions. Eugene Benson asks about cases where the board might want to see samples before approving a project.

Eugene Benson would like Rule 15 (Board decisions) to be worded such that the board can review decision drafts before DPCD adds administrative signatures. Jenny Raitt notes some concerns about timing (e.g., if board members are out of town, and are unable to review documents in time).

Andy West suggests minor wording changes to rule 7 (Parliamentary Guidelines) and Rule 10 (Filing Deadlines).

David Watson has a question about fee structures. He notes that the break-even point is 2500 square feet, and wonders if that's the right number.

Andy West reiterates earlier points on submittal requirements for Andrew Bunnell, who has just arrived.

Eugene Benson asks if 10(D)(3) can be moved out the numbered list. Perhaps to the end of rule 10(C).

Kin Lau asks about the need to receive two copies of submittal materials. Jenny Raitt says that her department really needs two copies.

The board opens the floor for public comment. There are no comments.

Given the number of edits, the board would like to see a new draft before voting. They'll continue this discussion to August 6th. Vote 4-0 in favor of continuing.

Appointment to Housing Plan Implementation Committee. Patricia Worden has applied to serve on the housing plan implementation committee. The board wanted to meet with her.

Ms. Worden says she's had a long-term interest in housing and education. She'd like to see Arlington establish a housing trust fund. She's alarmed by the number of low-income residents in town, and would like the town to spend more on affordable housing.

The board asks Ms. Worden if she's read the town's housing production plan. She has.

The board notes that the town would have to produce about 100 units of housing/year, in order to have the plan certified. Eugene Benson states that Arlington has shortages of both housing and affordable housing. He asks Ms. Worden if she believes that statement. I didn't fully understand Ms. Worden's answer. At first, I got the impression that she felt we needed affordable housing, but not other types of housing. After some back and forth, Ms. Worden seemed to concede that the town needs go beyond affordable housing; we need more housing across a mixture of price points.

Ms. Worden talks about her involvement in adding an inclusionary zoning provision to Arlington's Zoning bylaw. Jenny Raitt stated that there has only been one unit of affordable housing produced by Arlington's inclusionary zoning provision. It was part of a development on Summer Street.

The board approves Ms. Worden's membership on the housing plan implementation committee.

Approval of Minutes. The board has a number of minutes to approve. They vote on each set of minutes separately.

ARB Meeting Dates. 180 Mass Ave and Board regulations are on the agenda for August 6th. The board discusses their meeting schedule for the remainder of 2018.