Arlington Redevelopment Board - Apr 25th, 2022

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Meeting held via remote participation. Materials were available from

Planning Staff Update

(Jenny Raitt, Planning Director) Ms. Raitt provides the board with an update on the Housing Production Plan. The Select Board adopted the plan last Wednesday, after making some minor administrative amendments to language about the Arlington Housing Authority. Members of the Select Board expressed interest in joint ARB/Select Board meetings, perhaps after town meeting ends.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

The board has three additional meeting scheduled during the next two weeks:

  • Wednesday April 27 at 6:30pm
  • Monday May 2 at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday May 4 at 7:00pm

2022 Special Town Meeting – Zoning Warrant Articles

The board has three zoning articles to review for the Special Town Meeting.

STM Article 2 - Family Child Care

Article 2 would change family child care from a special permit use to a by-right use.

(Jenny Raitt) Ms. Raitt received some suggested edits from Mr. Benson. She displays these so that board members can review them.

(Eugene Benson, ARB) Mr. Benson says he believes these are the changes we discussed at the last meeting.

There are no comments from the other board members.

The board moves favorable action, 5--0.

STM Article 3 - Signs

Article 3 proposes a new sign type for electric vehicle charging stations and shared bicycle docks, along with relevant regulations.

(Jenny Raitt) Ms. Raitt notes several changes to the definitions section.

(Eugene Benson) Mr. Benson had suggested adding a definition for "mobility station", since that term is used elsewhere in the article.

(Kin Lau, ARB) Mr. Lau thought we had discussed advertisements on the signs. He'd like the signs to be reviewed by the planning department.

(Rachel Zsembery, ARB Chair) Ms. Zsembery says the Select Board has jurisdiction over that area, but the Redevelopment Board does not. The zoning bylaw can specify size, shape, location, and so on. She believes the Select Board would be specific about what kind of signs they'd allow, or what they'd agree to in a contract.

(Kin Lau) Mr. Lau is fine with that.

(Melisa Tintocalis, ARB) Ms. Tintocalis would like to acknowledge that the ARB isn't responsible for the contents of mobility signs.

(Rachel Zsembery) Ms. Zsembery says she'll follow up with the Select Board on this.

(Steve Revilak, ARB) Mr. Revilak indicates that he's happy with the revisions.

(Rachel Zsembery) Ms. Zsembery is supportive of the article. She appreciates the work done and the additional graphics.

(Eugene Benson) Mr. Benson notes that the graphic should have the "this image is for illustrative purposes only" disclaimer on the graphic.

The board moves favorable action, 5--0.

STM Article 4 - Nonconforming single- or two-family dwellings

Article 4 proposes to strike a section of the zoning bylaw that deals with non-conforming single- and two-family dwellings, because it conflicts with recent case law.

(Jenny Raitt) Ms. Raitt says there have been no changes to Article 4 since the board's last hearing.

(Eugene Benson) Mr. Benson says he's spoken with ZBA Chair Christian Klein. Based on that conversation, he agrees that Section 8.1.3(C) makes the bylaw more confusing and more difficult for the ZBA.

(Jenny Raitt) Ms. Raitt says she spoke with Inspectional Services Director Mike Ciampa and ZBA Vice-Chair Pat Hanlon; they expressed the same opinion.

Mr. Lau, Ms. Tintocalis, and Mr. Revilak have no additional questions or comments.

(Rachel Zsembery) Ms. Zsembery indicates her support for the article.

(Eugene Benson) Mr. Benson suggests the report say that the ZBA requested the removal of this section.

The board moves favorable action, 5--0.

Meeting Minutes

The board amends and approves their meeting minutes from March 28, 2022, 5--0.

The board adjourns to town meeting.