Zoning and Land Use

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A collection of primary source documents regarding Arlington housing, zoning, and land use.


  • Chap. 738 of the Acts of 1971. This act abolished Arlington's Planning Board, and delegated planning responsibilities to the Arlington Redevelopment Board.







  • Arlington Redevelopment Board Minutes, Mar. 22, 1982. During this meeting, the ARB entertained a warrant article that proposed the purchase of the Mugar Property in east Arlington.
  • 1982 Town meeting Article 43 Public records request for materials pertaining to Article 43 from the 1982 town meeting. I believe this article reduced the maximum height in the PUD distict from 200' to 85'. Unfortunately, our public records officer was unable to locate responsive documents.




  • Town Counsel Memo, re Scope and Limits of ARB Authority. Town Counsel memo to the Arlington Redevelopment Board, dated 8/13/2020. Town Counsel provides an opinion regarding the ARB's authority under Arlington's Environmental Design Review process, along with a history of the ARB itself. This historical aspects are interesting.

Property Assessments