Zoning Recodification Working Group - Jan 24th, 2018

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Jenny filed the approved recodification draft with the town clerk and moderator. The moderator will set the deadline for filing substitute motions.

We talked about section 8.1.7(B), nonconforming uses, abandonment, and the points Chris Loretti brought up during the last ARB hearing. Nancy spent a lot of time looking at this, and tracing the evolution of 8.1.7(B) through the different recodifcation drafts. She thinks that changes adopted during the ARB hearing might have changed the meaning of this section. She needs more time to study it.

The first neighborhood outreach meeting is tonight, at the Pierce school.

During the meeting, a book called Handbook of Massachusetts Land Use and Planning Law, Third Edition by Mark Bobrowski came out of the planning department office; one of the working group members wanted to look something up. Seems like a nice reference book, but it's not cheap -- $400.00.