Surveillance Cameras in Arlington Public Housing

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Maps of outdoor surveillance cameras, operated by the Arlington Housing Authority (AHA). These maps show 71 outdoor cameras on AHA property (and nine on Arlington Police Headquarters). During a Dec. 21, 2016 meeting of AHA's board, their executive director remarked "we have hundreds of video feeds". This implies that AHA has a large number of indoor cameras (e.g., in the public spaces of their apartment complexes).

Menotomy Manor, and Surrounding Area

Menotomy Manor is bordered by North Union Street, Freemont Street, and Gardner St. The AHA has eleven outdoor surveillance cameras in this block.

The block bordered by Gardner St, Memorial Way, and Sunnyside Ave contains a set of AHA-owned duplex houses. There are 13 surveillance cameras in this block. Most of these cameras are new, and manufactured by Hikvision.

AHA installed two cameras on a Verizon utility pole on the eastern side of Sunnyside Ave. After negotiations, AHA agreed to remove these cameras. The cameras were taken down on Jan 19th, 2017. The cables and mounting hardware were removed during mid February, 2017.

AHA removed one camera from the western side of Gardner St on or around Feb 23, 2017. (The camera cable was installed over the roadway, terminating to a box on the side of 109 Gardner.)

Cusack Terrace

What you see labeled as "Arlington Police Department" is actually two buildings. The northeast portion is the Arlington Police Department; the southwest portion is a housing authority apartment complex called Cusack Terrace.

There are nine surveillance cameras attached to the police building, and five surveillance cameras attached to AHA's Cusack Terrace.

Chestnut Manor

Chestnut Manor is a 100-unit Arlington Housing Authority apartment complex. There are ten surveillance cameras on the exterior of this building.

Drake Village

Drake Village is an AHA complex that serves elderly and disabled tennants. There are 20 surveillance cameras in Drake Village. Most are mounted on the 144-unit Hauser building.

Winslow Towers

Winslow Towers has 132 apartments, and serves as the AHA's headquarters. I counted twelve cameras on the exterior of this building.