MBTA Communities Working Group - Oct 2nd, 2023

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Meeting held in the first floor annex conference room. Materials were available from https://www.arlingtonma.gov/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/32911/.

Working Group Report

Mr. Newton describes a set of changes that he's proposed for the final report. They involve two places where the report mentions four stories and elevators. The report states that the building code requires elevators in four-story buildings, but the reality is more complicated, and involves the building code, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Regulations, and other regulations.

There's a motion to amend pages 6 and 24 of the report, as suggested by Mr. Newton. Motion passes, 6--0.

There's a motion that the chair be allowed to approve minutes of tonight's MBTA Communities working group meeting, as the working group has no future meetings scheduled. Motion passes, 6--0.

Mr. Baudoin asks if the MBTA Communities working group will be dissolved at some point. Mr. Newton believes the Arlington Redevelopment Board would have to vote to dissolve the working group, as they are the body that voted to create it.

Meeting adjourned.