Information Technology Advisory Committee - Jun 25th, 2020

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VoIP has been installed in all of the town buildings.

The school committee is still trying to plan for the the fall. They're looking at student capacity if 6' of space is provided between each student vs 3' of space.

Since the public health emergency started, over 600 Chromebooks were distributed to students in Arlington public Schools.

High school construction is going into high hear; the empty school has allowed work to progress faster. Construction crews are digging foundations, installing drainage, and drilling. Temporary parking lots and staging areas are built. We've had to move several fiber lines in order to accommodate construction.

Construction phasing for the Central School project has changed a little. This is the result of the COVID-19 emergency, and the building being largely vacant. Crews are working from the top floor down, rather than from the bottom floor up. Work progresses on rewiring the building.

The schedule for the DPW renovation is evolving. We're going back and fourth with the contractors, and trying to dovetail DPW work with what's happening at AHS. DPW renovations are scheduled to start in the fall of 2021. The IT department is schedule to move into one of the new DPW buildings in Dec 2021. There are lots of logistics to coordinate.

The Parmenter rewiring is almost complete. Steel work is done, and elevator installation is in progress.

Work on Munis utility billing continues. At the moment, we have two sets of water meter equipment generating two data feeds. These feeds are merged, and then sent to Munis and ICS. The project involves staff from IT, the Treasurer, the Comptroller, and DPW.

We're preparing to upgrade Munis's form module; there are approximately 20 forms to upgrade and test. We're also working to move Munis from hosted on premises to hosted in the vendor's cloud.

Town IT has worked on a number of GIS projects. These include several for Health and Human Services, the sustainable transportation plan survey, town engineering (improving stormwater management), and integration between the GIS system and the question and answer center.

We've upgraded numerous Ricoh multi-function printers. These are used for remote printing.

576 new students registered for the start of school. All of the registrations were done electronically.

We're starting to work on Office 365 vendor selection. Government entities purchase office 365 via VARs, rather than directly through Microsoft.